Group 28

San José State University Student Organizations and Clubs play a vital role in the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge and Festival. Browse our SJSU student organizations and visit their booths at the Paseo Festival on April 8th, 2017 at the Hammer Theatre Center in downtown San José.

The CADRE Laboratory is the hub of Digital and New Media Art at San Jose State University where students, faculty, and visiting artists gather to explore the future of technology and art. CADRE (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) faculty and students have participated in the evolution of art and technology for over 30 years. Internationally recognized faculty and award-winning visiting artists award BFA and MFA degrees in Digital Media Art.

Students from the DMA program will present VR environments that highlight both their technical and conceptual work within the realm of virtual reality. Through the building of virtual worlds, students explore complex immersive and interactive environments that push the boundaries of what is possible in this emerging medium.


Computer Graphics Club

The Computer Graphics Club at SJSU focuses on three goals:

  • Expanding awareness & presence of computer graphics technology on campus.
  • Uniting and sparking collaboration between the design, digital art, engineering, and science departments.
  • Connecting students to the companies, software, events, and technology of the computer graphics industry.

I.D.E.A.S. at San Jose State University

I.D.E.A.S. at San Jose State University was formed to bring together students with diverse backgrounds to share and collaborate on innovative ideas. Our goal is to use student’s skill sets, interests and passion to turn these ideas into reality. We use professional networking, technology, creativity, science and the tools necessary to get projects going. We believe that there are two crucial factors in any successful idea – a well-connected team AND the required resources. Here in Silicon Valley, I.D.E.A.S. helps build your dreams.

Industrial Design Society of America at SJSU focuses on assisting students grow in their abilities as industrial designers and their connections with other leaders in the industry.

NEO is a design club at SJSU that appreciates the new; new members and values, new processes and tools, and new ways of thinking. This club helps fill in the gaps between industry needs and what we learn in our design classes. We host workshops, events, and networking opportunities.

SJSU Robotics

The San Jose State University Robotics Team is a student-driven multi-disciplinary team with an emphasis in robotics design. Our main goal is to use the skills we have obtained in our academic coursework to further the boundaries of what can be achieved in the field of robotics. Through the few years of our existence, we have evolved from a club focused on small projects into a competition-oriented team, participating in the RASC-AL RoboOps competition in the past and the University Rover Competition (URC) in the present.

Spartan Racing Electric

Spartan Racing Electric is an electric car racing team part of Formula SAE at SJSU. Formula SAE has 3 teams; combustion, baja, and electric. Spartan Racing Electric is a race car team on SJSU campus and we are in process of designing and building SRE 3, Spartan Racing Electric car 3. Our daily challenges are vast and extensive and we have to balance a good budget to help fund the construction of the car because we operate at almost half the budget compare to some other teams in the competition. We have multiple subdivisions like powertrain, chassis, software, aero, etc. Last year we placed 7th internationally at the Formula SAE international competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have attached the results in the website/social media links section.

Sustainable Mobility System for Silicon Valley (SMSSV) is an interdiciplinary project from San Jose State University to design a PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) system using renewable resources.