Group 29

The Paseo Prototyping Advisory Group at San José State University is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to student success through art, design, innovation and technology. These faculty and students have worked diligently over the past 3 years to design, plan, and produce the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge and Festival at San José State University. Faculty also serve as mentors to students in the Paseo Challenge.

Gary Craig Hobbs
Director, Assistant Professor
Digital Media Art

Assistant Professor Hobbs is the Director and Founder of the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge and Festival at San José State University. Hobbs co-founded the Intel Rapid Prototyping Challenge (RPC) and leads art, innovation and technology initiatives on behalf of the College of Humanities and the Arts. His research interests include computer vision, natural user interfaces, constructionist learning and multidisciplinary collaboration across the arts and sciences.

Kathryn Gosselin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Professor Gosselin conducts research to improve sustainable energy technology through better understanding of fluid mechanics.

Dan Nathan-Roberts, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering working with industry and government to research, build and train the future of health using Innovation Research, User Centered Design, and Human Factors.

Josh Nelson
Assistant Professor
Industrial Design

Josh Nelson an educator and a designer at San Jose State University. Josh is interested in investigating how interactions between people and technology transform experiences and connect us — especially in improving experiences for patients in healthcare by implementing a patient-centered design approach to innovations in this area.

Steve Durie
Digital Media Art

Steve Durie is an public artist, producer, designer and faculty member of the Digital Media Art program in the CADRE Media Lab at San José State University where he teaches physical computing, robotics and programming.

Alessandro Bellofiore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Bellofiore research expertise includes: hemodynamics and cardiovascular mechanics, prosthetic cardiovascular devices, experimental fluid mechanics, flow and medical imaging. In addition, he has recently focused part of his research activities on wearable devices for monitoring heart function. In the Biomedical Engineering program Dr. Bellofiore has taught a number of courses, including foundations of biomedical engineering, biotransport phenomena, biomaterials, biomechanics and medical imaging. His passions are photography and Scandinavian metal.

Josue Cruz
Graphic Designer

Josue Cruz is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator currently completing his BFA at San José State University. Josue created the amazing graphic artwork for the Paseo Prototyping Challenge and Festival featured on our website, t-shirts, and printed materials. You can follow Josue’s work at

Laimin Lo
English and Comparative Literature

Laimin Lo is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Paseo Prototyping Challenge and Festival. She teaches business communication at SJSU and serves as the Director of the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge. Laimin is passionate about helping SJSU Students Succeed in school, career, and life and has been awarded an “Excellence in Teaching” and “Lecturer of the Year” awards at SJSU.

Noah Friedman-Biglin

Noah’s research interests are primarily in the philosophies of logic, mathematics, and the history of analytic philosophy, and in particular the development of philosophy of logic and mathematics in the 1920s and 1930s.

Shivani Aurora
Associate Student Director

Shivani is a graduate student studying Digital Media Art (MFA) at San José State University. With a strong multi-disciplinary background, she creates work that intersects design, art and technology while addressing themes like civic engagement, gender equality and empowerment.

Andrew Hernandez
Assistant Student Director

Undergraduate computer engineering student with a background on Civic Technology, government, IoT and cyber security. Andrew aims to be a front-runner in the Civic Tech field for the city of San Jose after his studies.

Alex Luong
Social Media Assistant

Alex is an undergrad studying entrepreneurship and competed as a finalist in SVIC 2016. Interested in rich content and media, Alex hopes to start his own business in content one day.