festival schedule

An amazing lineup of civic innovation prototypes and presentations, art and technology exhibitions, speakers and panels, live performances and a youth maker space awaits you at the Paseo Public Prototyping Festival. Browse our event schedule below.

All events are free and open to the public.

Events & Exhibition Schedule

Day 1 – Friday, April 7th 2017


ZERO1 – American Arts Incubator Workshop [view]

Hammer Theatre Café


John Craig Freeman [view]

Hammer Theatre Lobby


Genevieve Erin O’Brien [view]

Hammer Theatre Upper Lobby


Nathan Ober [view]

Projection Mapping from Hammer Theatre Upper Lobby


LAST Exhibition Opening [view]

Hammer 4/ Black Box + Terrace

Day 2 – Saturday, April 8th 2017

Outside Hammer Theatre


Paseo Prototyping Festival Tent City Expo [view]

Hammer Theatre Plaza/ Outside


Spartan Superway [view]

Hammer Café Patio


Nathan Ober [view]

Projection Mapping from Hammer Theatre Upper Lobby

Inside Hammer Theatre


Paseo Prototyping Festival Reception Table [view]

Hammer Theatre Lobby


John Craig Freeman [view]

Hammer Theatre Lobby


Genevieve Erin O’Brien [view]

Hammer Theatre Upper Lobby

12pm –8pm

Game On! Pop-Up Makerspace [view]

Hammer Theatre Café

Main Stage

11am – Noon

Zero1: American Arts Incubator Global Sustainability Panel [view]

Main Stage

Noon – 4pm

Life, Art, Science and Technology speakers and panels [view]

Main Stage


World Premiere of Maya Ackerman’s ALYSIA [view]

Main Stage


Andrew Blanton [view]

Main Stage


Mel Day & Michael Namkung [view]

Main Stage


Paseo Prototyping Festival Awards Ceremony [view]

Main Stage

Hammer 4/ Black Box


LAST Exhibition [view]

Main Stage

SJSU Hammer Theatre Café

Arts Incubators:

Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Impact; Kate Spacek & Nathan Ober

ZERO1: Workshop

How can art be used as a tool for social impact?

Join Nathan Ober and Kate Spacek in this fun and fast-paced workshop that will guide participants through the American Arts Incubator (AAI) approach, using digital and new media art techniques and collaborative problem-solving tools to explore social inclusion in the Bay Area. The workshop will use sound in its many forms as a medium to engage community, and participants will apply the arts-based approaches and technical skills to co-create experimental work. In doing so, participants will see ways to apply what they have learned to tackle challenges in their own organizations and communities.

No technical expertise required. Light afternoon snack provided; feel free to bring food. Treat yourself to some socially-minded creative time!

ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network is embarking on its 4th cycle of American Arts Incubator (AAI), an international creative exchange program. In partnership with the U.S. Department of State, AAI sends digital and new media artists overseas to collaborate with youth, women, and underserved communities to develop public projects addressing social challenges relevant in each location. Across 65 AAI projects in 13 countries, ZERO1 continues to refine its arts-based methodology for diverse groups of people to collectively explore and address social and environmental challenges in uniquely creative ways.

Co-presented by ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network

SJSU Hammer Theatre Entrance

Securing the Virtual Border

John Craig Freeman

Securing the Virtual Border, by artist John Craig Freeman, acts as an access point for the public to immerse themselves in augmented reality experiences documenting gentrification, the housing shortage, and working class flight in the Bay Area. The sculptural portal will tackle the controversial conversion of traditionally family oriented and historic housing stock to full-time short term, peer-to-peer rental properties and ever rising housing costs.

Co-presented by ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network. Securing the Virtual Border is a continuation of John Craig Freeman’s Portal to An Alternate Reality originally produced as a project of ZERO1’s American Arts Incubator, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, April 2016.

SJSU Hammer Theatre and Theatre Plaza

Paseo de San Antonio Public Prototyping Festival

San José State University

The Paseo Public Prototyping Festival will feature exhibitions, speakers, live performances and a maker space focused on art and technology, science and engineering, placemaking and civic engagement. Outside the Hammer Theatre Center, in our Tent City Expo SJSU student prototyping teams will present their final prototypes for the Paseo Prototyping Challenge, a year-long civic innovation challenge designed to incubate solutions to pressing social and environmental problems. Student organizations and faculty of San José State University will present innovative technology, arts and cultural programming as part of this free, all day event.

SJSU Hammer Theatre Main Stage + Black Box Theatre/ Hammer 4

Last Festival:

Talks and panels
Art Expo

Life Art Science Technology (LAST)

The 4th L.A.S.T. (Life Art Science Technology) Festival celebrates the confluence of art with the new media technologies and nascent sciences that are transforming sociality and experience in the 21st century.

LAST Festival:  Talks and Panels will present inspirational talks by luminaries on cutting-edge technology and science moderated

LAST Festival: Art Expo will present interactive multimedia installations curated by digital art pioneer, Professor Joel Slayton, CADRE Media Lab

The 4th LAST Festival is presented in partnership with the Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge and Festival

SJSU Hammer Theatre Main Stage

Civic Innovation:

American Arts Incubator Global Sustainability Projects

ZERO1: Panel Discussion

American Arts Incubator artists discuss their experiences initiating international community projects that apply art, science, and technology to civic challenges. Moderator: Andy Cunningham. Panelists include: Xiaowei R. Wang, John Craig Freeman, Genevieve Erin O’Brien, and Nathan Ober.

Co-presented by ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network.

SJSU Hammer Theatre Main Stage

Composed by Machine:

Professor Maya Ackerman debut of ALYSIA’s Compositions


ALYSIA (Automated Lyrical SongwrIting Application) is a songwriting system that composes melodies for any given lyrics. The event will open with a brief introduction to ALYSIA, followed by live performance of three original songs co-created with this system.

SJSU Hammer Theatre Main Stage


Andrew Blanton performing at the confluence of classical percussion and internet technology

SJSU's CADRE Media Lab

Waveguide is an audio visual work that uses the internet as a resonant body. By sending data from drums to a server and back through the audience’s cell phones in real time, the work uses the array of cell phone speakers to create an immersive audio visual environment. The composition and software was developed by Andrew Blanton and the text was developed by Yvette Granata with special thanks to Neal Riley for technical support.

SJSU Hammer Theatre/ Theatre Plaza

Solar-powered, automated rapid transit ascendant network


Spartan Superway

The Spartan Superway project team will present a one-twelfth scale solar-powered, automated transit network model. This model will demonstrate six functional podcars moving autonomously, which visitors can interact with via mobile app. The mobile app allows users to call a podcar to their selected station, and then send their podcar nonstop to a destination station.

Come to our playful pop-up makerspace Game On! created by Okada Design and activated by the Alum Rock Educational Foundation to explore game design using both physical materials and digital tools. Create a musical maze using a conductive marble that rolls along and completes open circuit connections on a paper plate. Alum Rock youth will co-lead these projects as we build community through art/circuitry explorations in this public makerspace.

SJSU Hammer Theatre/ Theatre Plaza

DIY Arcade Cabinets and Games

Game Development Club at SJSU

The Game Development Club at SJSU is a student organization for game makers and fans. Every semester we make video games and put them in our Do It Yourself arcade cabinets.

SJSU Hammer Theatre Main Stage

Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge Awards Ceremony

San José State University

The culmination of months of prototyping milestones, teamwork, design, programming, fabrication, troubleshooting and feedback. Come celebrate the final presentation of the Paseo Prototyping Challenge with SJSU’s multidisciplinary student teams from art, design, engineering and the sciences.

SJSU Hammer Theatre/ Theatre Plaza

Wall of Song:

A mass singing of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.
Organized by Mel Day & Michael Namkung

Wall of Song

The Paseo Festival will feature the participatory video installation Wall of Song on April 8th. Wall of Song invites you to record yourself singing along to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” by following the simple steps on:


SJSU Hammer Theatre Upper Lobby

More Than Love on the Horizon by Genevieve Erin O’Brien


More Than Love on the Horizon projects an image of Queer Vietnamese in the form of DIY holograms to increase visibility and further Vietnamese LGBTQ equality. Holograms illustrate the Queer space-time continuum in that they are a projection of how the past imagined the future, but in the present time. The exhibition will include a workshop that enables participants to create their own identity holograms.

Co-presented by ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network.

SJSU Hammer Theatre/ Upper Lobby

Projection Mapping:

Large-scale Projection Mapping with Nathan Ober and the CADRE Media Lab


Working with San Jose State Students, artist Nathan Ober will create site-specific projection mapping at the festival that addresses the topic of social inclusion, both locally and globally.

Co-presented by ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network.