Project: myHub

We plan to program and build central kiosks, from which those who are  homeless can find and access resources throughout the city (also available in the form of a mobile application. According to studies, on average 50-90% of the homeless population in a city owns a smartphone.) Additionally, we plan to organize programs for schools, churches, and fire stations via vending machine-type dispensaries containing food, toiletries, or other supplies. These dispensaries and other safety net services are accessed via special card, identifiable and usable via fingerprint.

Our solution is designed to impact the largest problem San José faces homelessness. Providing more resources, along with organized, accessible hubs of information, can motivate people to seek out available services to improve their lives. The vending machines provide goods to those in need 24/7 and provide local services throughout the city. The ease of access makes the services more likely to be used. The app linked to the kiosk also provides the community a chance to help those in need- employing the idea that it “takes a village” to build up and maintain a community.