Project: SpotMe Solutions

Students and faculty at commuter schools are spending too much time looking for parking and as a result are arriving late to class or work. With SpotMe, users will no longer be able to worry about entering a garage which they do not know the availability to. Now, users are able to tell, which garages have availability, are full and which ones to avoid.

Our first customer is SJSU. We will be beta testing our sensors during Spring 2019 semester. However, we are not just limited to SJSU. Our target audience are any individuals who drive to garages. How SpotMe works, installing sensors in the entrances and exits of garages that count the cars coming in and subtract spots and count the card coming out and add spots.

SpotMe addresses the Paseo Prototype Challenge Call because it addresses the issue with downtown parking. The problem downtown is facing is there is not enough spaces for the demand of individuals looking to park. With SpotMe, we can help decrease the lack of efficiency in parking by helping individuals go to garages with availability. We can also promote on our app when there is no parking left. In result, users will have to use other means of transportation such as VTA, Uber, or bicycling.

The market opportunity is that there is a lack in the parking efficiency globally. Many commuters are taking high risk everyday when they go a garage that is already full. Now, drivers can make more informative decisions.