Project: Knight

The problem in San Jose is the lack of safely during the night. There are cases of people, primarily young adults being assaulted while walking alone at night near campus. One solution to this problem is to create our project, Knight, a wearable technology that instantly calls for help by triggering with a switch without getting noticed.

The switch will activate the GPS to send the user’s location data to the app. Once the app receives those information, it will send a text as a call to the emergency contact list that were added to the app. This app can be accessed by the person’s friends, family, and university security. The university security could potentially arrive at the scene in haste with a response time faster than local police.

This product will provide a sense of comfort and security to those that walk alone at night through a wearable device that communicates location data to campus security, family, and friends. The prototype incorporates skills from all our team members who represent disciplines from digital media arts, computer science, mechanical, and electrical engineering.