Project: Medixflow

In our aging population, the number of people in need of senior care is rapidly growing. However, there are simply not enough caregivers to meet this need.

Every one of the 2.9 million caregivers in the US spends over 30% of their day on the required medical documentation. Every year over $19B in labor cost is wasted on senior care documentation. This documentation is a huge burden for senior care facilities and wastes time that could otherwise be spent on resident care.

The current paper or electronic-medical-record (EMR) based documentation systems are not only time consuming but often result in incomplete documentation.

Our mission at Medixflow is to empower caregivers with more time for their residents. Medixflow is a digital voice assistant for senior care documentation that allows caregivers to use simple voice commands to finish the documentation while they are caring for their residents.

Our solution is built on top of google assistant with a HIPPA compliant backend. We integrate with existing EMR solutions and are a voice-powered user interface for EMR systems. We build a technical prototype and are now in the process of developing the first version of the product in collaboration with local senior care facilities. With our prototype, we won best social innovation at SVIC 2018.

Our initial idea was to build a nurse call button system using a digital voice assistant. Based on feedback from local senior care facilities, we realized that the documentation is the more pressing issue.