Project: Community Housing and Home Energy System

C.H.A.H.E.S is addressing is high costs of living, homelessness, and lack of resources in the Bay Area. Our main focus is on students and low-income individuals, as the current situation makes it difficult for average people. However, it could also benefit veterans, elderly, homeless, and anyone else displaced by high living costs.

The technological innovation our project uses is a semi-permanent communal living space with renewable energy and grid stabilization. C.H.A.H.E.S addresses the judges’ criteria by affecting society in a positive way by combining low-cost designs from mobile homes with efficient renewable energy.

Our team is very diverse with focuses in Art, Design, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, and Business, and we are confident we will create a long-lasting sustainable solution for the community. Our solution aims to address the housing and homeless situation, while utilizing a long-term implementation that will generate energy, resources, and a stronger sense of community to San Jose.

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