Project: Fingerprint Rotating Locker

As the cost of living and the housing crisis increases in California, the number of people being forced to move out of their home and being force in the streets also rises. In San Jose, those who are homeless move from place to place to find shelter, carry all their baggage with them at all time. This situation can troublesome especially if one is on the search for some job, attend school or simply try to do normal activities. As one of our group members personally experienced, it can be hard to get back on track having to move around with all those belongings.

As a team we decided to develop a rotating locker-room with several compartments per unit. Our lockers could be designed as cylindrical shape and would have at least four compartments in it. The locker would be automated by a motor (servo or stepper) at the foundation and each user would be able to have the locker open at their specific compartment by fingerprint detection. The whole system will be interfaced by a simple Arduino Uno PCB board.

After the locker is assigned, the user can go about their business and return whenever as long as the locker is still assigned to them. The duration of the assignment of the locker would depend on the situation of the individual and would be at the discretion of the city. During this competition, a small-scale prototype of the motor will be developed.

Fingerprint Rotating Locker_1