Project: SWAB (Sorting Waste Automatic Bin)

In May 2008, San Jose State University contracted a private company named Green Waste Recovery Inc to sort and separate waste in effort to reduce recyclable materials carried to landfill. Although this private company operates to help the environment, it requires a private fee that the campus must pay through their contract. To help save our campus money and provide an efficient method to sort waste while reducing contamination to our environment, our team anticipates on designing a robot name SWAB (Sorting Waste Automated Bin) to properly sort out different waste materials. SWAB will be integrated with sensors, electronics and run through object detection analysis to sort aluminum cans, plastic bottles and compostable material. SWAB is deployed as an eco-business strategy to replace traditional trash bins and removes the margin of human error that improperly sorts waste. SWAB will be under an IOT (Internet of Things) platform that collects information of waste sorted properly and informs people in charge of collecting waste when to collect and dispose waste. SWAB will use image recognition to separate the waste into categories. SWAB will have a gateway for data analysis through cloud platform. Having a cloud platform for SWAB will allow us to utilize data in an effective way to improve the waste management problem. Our SWAB team also plans to create a mobile application which will help us know when the bin is filled and send notifications to the respective people.