Project: Brighter seeks to address the needs of San Jose pedestrians, while bringing a brightened vibrance to the streets of san jose downtown. While walking at night and in crowded areas of downtown, pedestrians can feel unsafe walking by themselves. A simple trip the the grocery store can become a source of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be. So many innovations in transportation and communication seek to create convenience, at the cost of community; accomplishes both. In minutes, our app can pair users whose paths lead in similar direction, so that they can experience the city, while travelling safely together. Walking at night? Don’t do it in darkness! As part of the brighter user experience, we’re installing smart lights around the San Jose downtown that will light up as you approach them! Users of the app won’t even need to look down at their phones to know they’re on the right path; our smart street lamps will flash user selected colors and patterns, for a customized pedestrian experience. Bring San Jose closer together, coming to the app store soon.